Expansion Jointing Products

Our Expansion Foam is a closed cell polyethylene foam expansion joint filler specifically designed for use in brick and block work, isolation joints, hinge joints, deck slabs, retaining walls, reservoirs, subways, bridges, basement structures, sewage treatment works, water channels and culverts. It is available in both flexible and rigid with or without adhesive backing.

Rigid Foam (referred to as Stiff joint) is a closed cell, fire-retardant compression resistant polyolefin foam with an outer skin. The foam is free of heavy metals and plasters and CFCs. Stiff Joint is commonly used for forming expansion joints in concrete, brickwork and pathways, and in the construction of water retaining structures. It can be supplied in standard strips and sheets or it can be profile cut into almost any profile.

BIFB is suitable for forming /filling expansion joints is a wide variety of concrete structures. It is used in medium to large concrete slab work and other flatwork applications such as roadways, airport runways, footpaths, warehouse flooring, driveways, parking lots, patios and curbs.

Expandezy - SWA:
Expansion Joint fillers are very easy to use, self-wound, zipped, adhesive backed joint fillers (with no paper to be removed).

The Expandezy - PN:
Expansion Joint filler is non-adhesive backed, zipped rolls. The Expandezy foams are low cost, inert, foams with excellent physical properties that include:

• Non-absorbent with a high level of chemical resistance.

• Superior compression and recovery properties

• Excellent weather ability

• Available in a wide range of widths and thicknesses in roll and sheets

• Non-toxic, non-irritant requiring no gloves or special handling equipment

• Can be supplied with adhesive for ease of installation

• Zip top is standard for use where sealants will be applied

• Light and easy to handle

• Robust and easy to transport