Forming & Filling

Forming encompasses all products associated with forming up concrete structures such as Pecafil Sacrificial Formwork, Stremaform Formwork, Elements, Composite Column Tubes, Timber, Polystyrene and Cardboard Void Forming products.

Is a cost effective, permanent formwork for the construction of ground beams, semi-raft foundations, box-out shutters, floor-edge forms, pile caps and bases. It can be used as a separation material between the concrete face and steel sheet piles or contiguous piles, and can be adapted for use as weather, dust and privacy protection screens.

Formwork elements for working joints divide large structural prefabricated elements are used as permanent formwork in floor slabs, ceilings and walls.

Tubing for concrete columns provide a light weight for ease of handling, waterproof for weather resistance, easy to cut to length, easy to strip alternative to conventional forms.

Is an extremely versatile product and is very practical, economic and efficient insulation void forming material which can be applied to all areas of building construction.

Type void forms create a space between concrete structures and expansive soils,thereby isolating the concrete from reactive soil, ground movement, mine subsidence, noise and vibration affected sites.